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a glance on why we do what we do and how we do it.

Having been in the business for over 10 years, we are confident in what we do – the standards, the quality, the procedures, everything. Those are basic attributes that you can be sure of. We would like to take this opportunity to share about what’s beyond the tangibles.

Why Work With Us?

Learn more about our work culture and policy while working with ongoing clients

Team Work

We are a crew. A big one. This includes Researchers, Data Analysts, Database Developers, QAs, Content Writers, SEO Specialists, Designers and top-notch WordPress Developers.

We will turn your business inside out, do a market research, optimize your content and deliver the best business solution that will work flawlessly in the long run.

Wasicon selects employees based on their skills, experience, work ethics, background, communication style and strengths. We fit like puzzle pieces and everyone is matched to their perfect place. This is how we are sure that everyone is giving 100% at their current assignment.
When you hire us, you don’t just hire a consultant (although we can lease you one for minor projects). 

You hire a whole outsourced team that works great together and will take care of every aspect of your digital presence. This way we save you tons of time and money in project management, overseeing, hiring, communication overhead, onboarding, creative, security, marketing, business research.
Wasicon is not an outsourcing company, we are your reliable business partner.

Distributed Company

Our team always available online and we don’t conduct boring long hour office meetings. We work in all timezones – we are active 24/7 – and we have a multilingual expertise.

We will not charge you for long hours of briefing and we are going to be available around the clock if you have any questions or a problem occurs.

Unlike outsourcing agencies, we focus on long-term commitment with our employees as well. Conducting extensive interviews and trials in order to establish strong bonds with new employees, going through an onboarding process until they gain momentum and join a client project. This builds a stable relationship between Wasicon and our staff, allowing us to grow together and work in a happy internal environment.

We preach remote – meaning that everyone works where they feel at their best, finding focus and creativity. No office noise pollution, no exhausting commute required, it’s all about comfort and efficiency. This ensures the quality of the work we deliver is always high and our employees strive to provide the best results.